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Learned by Heard
( Sydämeen kätketty )

Marjut Rimminen, Païvi Takala
2007 - 30 min - Beta digital - Couleur - Finlande

As Finland emerged from World War II it was hard to talk about it in the homes. Fathers were back from the front, but they found it difficult to adjust to everyday life. The heroism and camaraderie of the battlefield lived on in their memories the horrors of war haunted their dreams. Mothers took control and began organizing the lives of their families. To post-war children, their parents seemed distant, authoritarian, frightening.

Author-Director : Marjut Rimminen, Païvi Takala
Photography : Marjut Rimminen, Kari Sohlberg
Editing : Tony Fish
Delegate Producer : Soundsgood Productions Oy


Distributor : Soundsgood Productions Oy