Barbara Meter
2000 - 22 min - 16 mm - Noir & Blanc - Pays-Bas

An image of early twentieth century Germany rises from a collage of family photographs. Meter re-filmed the photo albums of her parents, who had to flee Hitler’s Germany. "I used to look intensely at all those faces, trying to transfer myself into the life they lived, which of course I failed at. All of them gone I tried to bring them back a little by getting close into their images while moving and to try to evoke the country and the historic period of their lives: Germany, beginning last century and for my parents who fled Germany in the thirties, also Holland, until the war." (Barbara Meter)

Author-Director : Barbara Meter
Photography : Barbara Meter
Sound : Barbara Meter
Editing : Barbara Meter
Delegate Producer : Barbara Meter


Distributor : Eye international
Distributor : Light Cone
DVD Editing : Moskwood Media
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