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Antonio Gades, la Etica de la Danza
Antonio Gades, l'éthique de la danse
Juan Caño Arecha
2007 - 57 min - Beta digital - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Espagne

Using his own words, this documentary retraces the life of Spanish dancer Antonio Gades (1936-2004).
"I don’t know who I am, but I know I’m someone who works in depth,” he liked to say. He took the art of flamenco around the world, performing in the leading theatres and in many films, notably those by Carlos Saura, who made him one of his favorite players ("Carmen", "Bodas de sangre" and "El Amor brujo"). Using rare documents and the reminiscences of those closest to him, "Antonio Gades, la Etica de la Danza", is a portrait one of the major Spanish artists of the 20th century.

Author-Director : Juan Caño Arecha
Photography : Lorenzo Cebrián
Sound : Francisco López Bravo
Editing : Amparo Martinez Dorado
Delegate Producer : TVE S.A. (Espagne)


Distributor : TVE