Antonello Neri In-Provideo
Federico Neri
2014 - 90 min - HD - Couleur - Allemagne

English summary :
The film is a biographical documentary about Antonello Neri, a pianist and composer from l'Aquila who has been working since the 1970's. The reconstruction of his work and life is given through archive material, stories from the artist himself and many of his colleagues who are musicians, actors, photographers and mimes. Amongst them are famous artists such as Ennio Morricone Giorgio Battistelli, Giovanni Piazza, Luca Lombardi, Luigi Cinque, Rossella Or and Simone Carella. Accounts are given of Antonello's teaching, his collaboration with the improvisation group Nuova Consonanza, the interdisciplinary experiences of the "Beat 72" Theatre and "Teatro degli Artisti" and his most recent projects. Throughout the course of the film, with Antonello as a starting point, a period of cultural liveliness and excitement in Italy is relived and looked at in depth. Linking the various parts of the tale together is a previously unseen improvisation by the artist, performed specially for the film. From here the title is also taken: "Provideo" which in Latin means to forsee, to see from afar. "Improvising therefore means proximity, being up close to things".

Auteur-Réalisateur : Federico Neri
Image : Martina Cocco
Son : David Matteucci
Montage : Giuseppe Boccassini
Musique originale : Antonello Neri
Producteur délégué : Federico Neri


Distributeur : Federico Neri
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