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Angola : la guerre a 20 ans
( Quand la paix n'est même plus un souvenir )
Série-Collection : Contrechamp humanitaire

Christophe Naigeon
1995 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

The war in Angola has lasted 20 years. A whole generation has known only fear, hunger, destruction. This forgotten, unending conflict is one of the most murderous that Africa has known. In December 1994, during one of the many short-lived truces we went to Luanda, Ganda and Huambo.
Luanda : four million inhabitants, i.e. half of the country's population lives crammed together in this "paradise" in the words of Jorge Silva, a journalist who guides us around the backyard behind the rich façade provided by oil.
Ganda : 55,000 peasants are squatting in the abandoned city. Paul Névès, leader of one district, takes us through the deserted streets and the trainless station. We accompany a group that dares to return to the fields five kilometres away. All around there is insecurity : mines, armed gangs, military positions.
Huambo : 300,000 people still live here with the memory of the "55 day" battle which left 30,000 dead. Supplied solely by humanitarian planes it survives but does not believe in peace.

Author-Director : Christophe Naigeon
Delegate Producer : Periscoop multimedia
Contribution : CICR


Distributor : Christophe Naigeon
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