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Angela, chassis driver
Xavier Pardessus
1996 - 26 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Angela, aged 40, is a Colombian lorry-driver. Ex hippy, ex drug addict, for 15 years she has been riding on bus chassis manufactured by General Motors in Bogota to drive them to the body shops who buy them to make buses. We follow her on one of her trips, over a distance of more than 1,300 kilometres.
Exposed to the elements on her machine that looks like something out of Mad Max, she lets us discover the beauty of her country and the risks of this job. Moving and unusual (she is an aficionada of fashion), this woman who is now head of a firm hides under a rough exterior a loneliness and a weariness with life that she reveals through a general view of her personal life.

Author-Director : Xavier Pardessus
Delegate Producer : Xavier Pardessus


Distributor : Xavier Pardessus
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