André et les voix dissidentes
( André an d'dissident stëmmen )
Série-Collection : Nous on reste

Donato Rotunno
2000 - 52 min - Digital vidéo & Beta digital - Couleur - Luxembourg, Belgique

André Hoffmann, the film's main character, was the last Member of Parliament elected from the Luxembourg Communist Party (KPL). At odds with his party, and after resigning from his elected office, he was one of the founders of the Nei Lénk (New Left) movement.
The film, which follows his re-election to Parliament on the Dei Lénk (Left) list, shows how a life can be ruled by the need to make one's voice heard, a voice that is unique, discordant, at odds with the voices of consensus.
The director contrasts this reflection, conducted in front of the camera, a group of young people who question whether political commitment has any meaning or effect in today's world.
The back-and-forth between the two creates a tension that encourages the spectator to forge his own opinion.
"André an d'dissident Stëmmen" shows the commitment of a man who has placed reflection at the centre of his philosophy and his politics.


Distributor : Tarantula Luxembourg
Distributor : Tarantula Belgique
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