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Anatomie d'un miracle
Christophe Donner
1999 - 52 min - Couleur - France

Marco, deaf and blind from birth, arrived at the institute at the age of 12, "like a stone", and in just a few years, Señora Guadalupe taught him to speak. That had never been seen before. It was a unique case in the world, a miracle.
How many lies does it take to do good ? As many as are needed, we are tempted to reply. Saúl, a chance visitor, simply by his presence, sets off the tempest within Marco’s universe. The miracle is taken to pieces little by little and its beauty, its necessity also appear.
In his book, "Ma vie tropicale", which is being published simultaneously by Éditions Grasset, Christophe Donner mentions the influence of this film on his work as a writer. It was fitting to offer his readers and others what he considers as "evidence" of his critical intuition : no fiction will ever reach the value of what is real, that is what art is aiming for in general.

Author-Director : Christophe Donner
Delegate Producer : BQHL productions


Distributor : BQHL productions
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV