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Blind Loves
( Slepe Lasky )

Juraj Lehotsky
2008 - 77 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Slovaquie

"Blind Loves" is a film about love between blind people. Love can be soft, love can be silly, love can be blind at times...
To find one's place in this world is not an easy thing to do for people with good sight, but how much more difficult it can get for somebody who is blind ?
The "view“ of blind persons is often pure and essential, and very often witty. It uncovers new dimensions of meaning of happiness.

Author-Director : Juraj Lehotsky
Author : Marek Lescák
Photography : Juraj Chlpík
Sound : Frantisek Krähenbiel, Marian Gregorovic
Editing : Frantisek Krähenbiel
Delegate Producer : Artileria


Distributor : ASC Distribution
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
VOD : Universciné


2008 - Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France) : Prix Art et Essai-CICAE