Algérie : la dernière génération
Evelyne Garcia Jousset
2012 - 52 min - HDV - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

We had between 5 and 10 years when we left Algeria in 1962. Without understanding too much what occurred. Many years after does remain of this history in us? For much that the crack of childhood meant, ever. How lived it? Digested? To be rebuilt was the priority of all. The majority arrived there. Others not. But the children who we were neglected,held away from a drama which had the effect of a seism within much of families. Into growing old, alleviated, we make a pacified assessment and pose a glance full with compassion on this History which is also ours.
No the stock-shot, not about chronologies, only the hearts speaks.

Author-Director : Evelyne Garcia Jousset
Photography : Evelyne Garcia Jousset
Editing : Sophie Averty
Original Music : Xavier Plouchart
Delegate Producer : L' Esprit du Monde Production
Broadcasting Sale : France 3
Contribution : Région Pays de la Loire


Distributor : L' Esprit du Monde Production
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