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Alfonso Cabeza de Vaca, marquis de Portago - 1
Un clochard magnifique
Philippe Alfonsi
1998 - 60 min - Beta numérique - Couleur - France

Enzo Ferrari draws an endearing portrait of Alfonso Cabeza de Vaca, marquis of Portago. "Handsome, tall, dark, he has a deserved reputation as a playboy". Ferrari and his contemporaries perceive him as "a magnificent tramp". This young man in a hurry has dreadful rivals : Fangio, Moss, Gendebien, Trintignant. "Fon", as his friends call him, belongs to a noble Spanish family, he lives in New York. He does not particularly like cars, he likes speed, competition and danger, the stands, beautiful girls. Fon is an endearing man who lives at 200 km/h. He has nothing to prove, just to risk. Risk, in fact, is like a debt for him. "We should all pay something", he says in an interview. He must "pay" for his rank (he is descended from a Spanish grandee). He must "pay" for his fortune (his mother is a billionaire). He must "pay" for his easy life.
We follow his race from start to finish, to the rhythm of stops, flash-backs, testimonies.

Author-Director : Philippe Alfonsi
Delegate Producer : Taxi production
Broadcasting Co-producer : Planète
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Taxi production
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