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Albanie, autopsie d'une dictature
Jean-Louis Berdot
1993 - 52 min - Betacam - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

The communist party with Enver Hodja at its head has been the only master of Albania from 1945 to 1992.
This film attempts to analyse how the dictatorship worked, how individuals became deprived of all thought and how a country was drawn into a moral, economic and social state of catastroph.
A large part of the film is devoted to film archives filmed by the former regime.

Author-Director : Jean-Louis Berdot
Delegate Producer : EAV productions
Contribution : CNC, Procirep


Distributor : EAV productions
Disponible au Club du doc


1996 - Images en bibliothèques, Paris (France) : Film soutenu par la Commission nationale de sélection des médiathèques