Ako Senzé
Les Rois dans la République de Côte-d'Ivoire
Marc Garanger
1999 - 56 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - France

Ako Senzé : the cock without feathers... This popular song says : just as the cock cannot fly because he is without feathers, the traditional chief "wants to achieve great things, but does not have the means to do so".
We witness for important happenings taking place in the life of the Ani-Ndenye in the South-East of Ivory Coast and of their kings and chiefs : the enthronement of King Boa Koassi III, the Feast of the New Yam in Niabley, the dance of the "Kyomans" (priestesses of the genii ruling over the invisible world) and the opening of a heredity treasure including the famous «Akan weights», for weighing gold powder (the Anyi, like the Ashanti, belong to the great Akan group).
We also hear men and women of Ivory Coast : government officials, planters, intellectuals and traditional chiefs. They discuss the role of kings and chiefs in the Republic and the future of traditional power.

Author-Director : Marc Garanger
Author : Claude-Hélène Perrot
Delegate Producer : Marc Garanger
Co-producer : CNRS audiovisuel


Distributor : Marc Garanger
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