Afro Lisboa
Ariel de Bigault
1997 - 60 min - Super 16 mm & Hi8 - Couleur - France, Portugal

Following Portuguese decolonisation, African immigration from Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde progressively changed the profile of Lisbon. But today who are these second generation Portuguese who feel their African roots very strongly and were born in a country with which they share an ambiguous identity? African or Portuguese?

Author-Director : Ariel de Bigault
Delegate Producer : Kanpaï productions
Co-producer : SP Filmes
Broadcasting Co-producer : RTP (Radiotelevisao portuguesa)
Broadcasting Sale : Planète
Contribution : IPACA, CFI (Canal France international), FAS (Fonds d'action sociale)


Distributor : Ariel de Bigault
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : L' Harmattan TV
VOD : L' Harmattan TV
Circulation-Consultation : Musée national de l'Histoire de l'immigration
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