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Une victoire africaine
Haile Gerima
1999 - 93 min - Allemagne

Since the middle of 1880’s, England, France, and Italy fight over the region of Horn of Africa to establish their colonies. Different interpretations are made regarding the Ucciolli Treaty, made with Italy in 1869, in the reign of the Emperor Ménélik (1889-1913). This ambiguity served Italian people who take over North of Tigre, known as Eritrea colony.
In 1891, Italian share Ethiopia with British despite a Franco-British agreement signed in 1888 making the region of Harar independent. Ethiopian people refuse Rome’s protectorate and send their troops. In 1896, they attack General Baratieri’s soldiers during the well-known battle of Adoua and win back their independence. Turning point in colonialism history, symbol of victory of the weakest against the strongest, this battle remains vividly alive in Ethiopian’s memory. Even nowadays, Adoua is mentioned in plays or paintings, inspires songs, rituals and commemorations. Nevertheless, Europeans are not aware of the importance the battle of Adoua has.

Author-Director : Haile Gerima
Delegate Producer : ZDF/ARTE


Distributor : ZDF/ARTE