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Actifs et Retraités Série-Collection : Avenir vieillesse

Odile Chopard, Robert Albert
1993 - 26 min - Betacam - Couleur - France

Retirement at sixty... at last ! Free from all the pressures of a difficult job, we are at last going to be able to do something else. Yes but what ? Of course we could give more time to what we did before in our free time. But are those things enough to fill our life ? Retirement at sixty... we were at the summit of our responsabilities and skills we had struggled to acquire. We had interesting work and everything collapses ? The axe has fallen : room for the young ! So - retirement - a reward or a punishment ?
Perhaps the retired are only one particular example of the state and position of the inactive in society ? Perhaps their many ideas about finding a way of living other than work is suggesting a new kind of relationship between the active and inactive ? Instead of a pejorative idea of inactivity (“idleness”) it is an idea of socially active individuals which they are building up.


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