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ACH, Memory of a Fight
Matthieu Serveau
2000 - 96 min - Digital vidéo & Hi 8 - Couleur - France

With the scheduled end to the Ateliers et chantiers du Havre (ACH), one of the last poles of French shipbuilding is shutting its doors.
The film tells the story of this struggle from the point of view of the men and women who have been involved everyday until last June.
The film is built round raw pictures taken at the heart of the conflict : trade union meetings, demonstrations, discussions with the management of the firm, with the local councillors, all daily events during which various people show themselves in action with their determination, their outbursts, their uncertainty, their contradictions, that the film tries to reveal progressively, from inside.

Author-Director : Matthieu Serveau
Delegate Producer : Bonne Pioche Productions


Distributor : Bonne Pioche Productions
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