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A Voyage to Rachidieh
Natalia Tintoré
2009 - 54 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

A lost place at the bottom of the South Lebanon, surrounded of barbed wires bored by a checkpoint, and having of another horizon only the sea. A place located between the Lebanese city of Sour and the Israeli border. People are there for the majority since 1948. Arrived in catastrophe and living day after day, until now, the catastrophe. How do they live? Who are they? Why are they there? Ranked there from so long that they and their history have been forged.
The film tells slices of life, as funny as painful, of some of them, into a "closed door" in open air. A closed door made by fragiles roofs and current time - a time who pass and an air who becomes rare. A trap’s time who have maintains them between gravity of the vacuum and the agitation of the current events . All happens there, in the Palestinian refugee camp of « Rachidieh ». It’s now and here.

Author-Director : Natalia Tintoré
Photography : Natalia Tintoré
Sound : Nathalie Van Berwaer
Editing : Nathalie Van Berwaer
Delegate Producer : Losange


Distributor : Losange