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A Subsequent Fulfilment of a Pre-Historic Wish
Johannes Gierlinger
2015 - 9 min - 16 mm - Couleur et Noir & blanc - Autriche

English summary.
"A Subsequent Fulfilment of a Pre-Historic Wish" is an Film about an female artist that died in a dubious accident. Connected in time trought the layers of rituals, shamanism, nature, death and fragments of remembrance, a narrator searchs for her and an apperantly lost artwork and finds nothing more then pieces of a broken memory.
The film is inspired by Ana Mendieta and revolves around the question of identity, fleeing, belonging and the mechanism bonding to the artworld. A Film in search for the traces of baffling death.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Johannes Gierlinger
Image : Johannes Gierlinger
Son : Broken Jokes, Peter Kutin
Montage : Johannes Gierlinger
Producteur délégué : Johannes Gierlinger


Distributeur : Johannes Gierlinger