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À nos profs bien-aimés
Christophe de Ponfilly, Marie-Françoise Desmeuzes
1996 - 53 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

To honor the memory of this wonderful teacher who left a strong impression throughout their highschool years, two directors, Marie-Françoise Desmeuzes and Christophe de Ponfilly, got into their heads to seek those who today, far away from the limelights, are making their pupils happy. Gifted men and women who make their classroom a privileged place.
Long peregrinations which took them from Paris to La Celle Saint-Cloud, from Toulouse to Douai, passing through Louhans in the Bresse region, without forgetting a stop in Brittany at Saint-Brieuc. Marie-Françoise Desmeuzes and Christophe de Ponfilly are proposing six portraits of teachers respectively teaching geography, music, mathematics, French, plastic arts and even Chinese. Six characters full of talent, mischievousness and humanity...


Distributor : Doc & Film International