A New Product
( Ein Neues Produkt (Un nouveau produit) )

Harun Farocki
2012 - 36 min - Couleur - Allemagne

"For a whole year, Harun Farocki follows the meetings of Quickborner Team (QT), a Hamburg-based consulting firm that is developing a new “product”. The time of fixed, personalised offices is over. Welcome to the firms whose 80,000 square metres offers a nomadic office to all their employees, with authorised work-time jogging to boost their productivity. The coloured drawings of a “visual facilitator” (sic) help to flesh out the concept, but the newspeak trips up on a carpet of metaphors: corporate culture is a “coat”, the boss an “oyster” able to “take in a grain of sand to produce a pearl”,and a narchitectural design competition a “fence that nobody wants to paint but, in the end, that everyone wants to paint”... Both grotesque and off-putting, this rhetoric masks a coercive ideology and sends a chill down the spine: when QT decides to implement “in-house” the flexibility inherent to its concepts of space and line relationships, a good old note of paternalism steps into the design of their new attire – with brown clothes, to boot."
(Charlotte Garson, Cinéma du réel 2013)

Author-Director : Harun Farocki
Photography : Ingo Kratisch
Sound : Matthias Rajmann
Editing : Harun Farocki
Delegate Producer : Harun Farocki Filmproduktion


Distributor : Harun Farocki Filmproduktion
Circulation-Consultation : BPI (Bibliothèque publique d'information)


2014 - Fronteira International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival, Goiânia (Brésil) : Sélection
2013 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Compétition Internationale courts métrages
2013 - RIDM - Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, Montréal (Canada) : Prix du meilleur moyen métrage international
2013 - Images en bibliothèques, Paris (France) : Film soutenu par la Commission nationale de sélection des médiathèques