Edwine Fournier-Vialettes
2017 - 33 min - Film HD & vidéo Full HD - Couleur - France

At the Kingdom of animation, Amin, Miguel and Amir are every day there to take care of young people of Vitry sur Seine. Plays, theatre, the point of view on their town are occasions to tell who they are and where they come from. Each day, after school young boys and girls come together and learn how to share the same space.
Be in the centre place and not outside is a good way not to grow too fast. Also it's a good way to think together to the difficult actuality.

Author-Director : Edwine Fournier-Vialettes
Photography : Edwine Fournier-Vialettes
Sound : Zoé Cohén Solal
Editing : Jean-Pierre Bloc
Delegate Producer : Ateliers Varan
Contribution : AFDAS


Distributor : Edwine Fournier-Vialettes