À la fin des nuits
Pierre Garcia-Rennes
2021 - 80 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

A masked punk band travels across Europe to perform in squats, occupied buildings, street corners suddenly transformed into a wild concert, places where the experience of musical trance has become a political act. In these places, the band meets allies that also fight against conformism in our society, recklessly chasing utopia and seeking for freedom. When they start facing the sacrifices that their life on the roads requires, the pact that unites them tightens and pushes them into their own limits.
Under their masks, fragile sensibilities are revealed, and we discover their political view of the desolate world they are trying to escape from. They explore their own borders, their musical fraternity guiding them on this long journey, until the end of the nights.

Author-Director : Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Author : Paul Muselet
Author : Rudy Delaprez
Author : Erwan Lansonneur
Photography : Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Sound : Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Editing : Erwan Lansonneur
Original Music : Andreas Melas
Delegate Producer : Kagoula Productions


Distributor : Pierre Garcia-Rennes