On the Wild Side
Manuela Morgaine
2003 - 52 min - Betacam SP & vidéo SD - Couleur - France

I discovered the existence of a New World invented by artists as a space for creation, a horizon, within the greatness of the world and their utopias. Extreme, "wild" artists refusing to let their art, or themselves, be tamed by the world of cities and culture, refusing to be put in a box.
They all have in common the necessity to invent in the heart of the immensity of the desert. In the 60s, in many areas of the Western American desert, recognized artists, loners, artists tired of show biz or of galleries came to set up their space. The more or less intimate, the freest, the most utopic. Water lilies atop the rocks, sand stars; they chose a free zone, deserted, they moved off centre in order to invent their own centre of the world. How and where to draw the fourth dimension? Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, four states, four human utopias as grand as the human spirit and the geographical spaces chosen. Physical, spatial, temporal experiences of art or of nature. Marginal attitudes, exceptional figures, rare birds.
They all have the sky in mind: Marta Becket, dancer of the New York City Ballet, nearly eighty years old, created a theatre in an old gas station in the heart of Nevada, in Death Valley. Discovering her in 1996 was the starting point of this film. Nancy Holt, avant-garde artist, known in the 60s, part of the Land Art group, came to Utah, near Salt Lake City, to install her Sun Tunnels and her Buried Poems.
Ira Steiner, not an artist, but a landscaper musician, a man, a specialist in the fauna and flora of the Sonoran desert, its guide, in the heart of Arizona. Charles Ross, artist-astrophysicist, has been working for over thirty years on the installation of an astronomic observatory, Star Axis, in the heart of New Mexico.

Author-Director : Manuela Morgaine
Photography : Sabine Lancelin
Sound : Laurent Sellier
Editing : Dora Soltani
Delegate Producer : Play film
Co-producer : La Muse en circuit
Co-producer : Artistes & Associés
Contribution : DAP (Délégation aux Arts Plastiques)


Distributor : Envers compagnie, Play film
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