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À l'ombre de Rimini
( Un fantasma irrequieto )

Gilbert Spinnato
2009 - 29 min - DV Cam - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Italie

A man in search of his “first quiet night”, gets lost in the mists of the Adriatic Sea. These some photogram borrowed from a movie which had for title “Indian Summer” are at the origin of this documentary.
The man in question is the star Alain Delon. The movie, him, was Valerio Zurlini’s work. A trip on the trail of the intimate expression of the golden age of the Italian cinema and his most unusual, secret and forgotten director...

Author-Director : Gilbert Spinnato
Photography : Gilbert Spinnato
Sound : Manuel Cassano
Editing : Manuel Cassano
Delegate Producer : Arsenale 23
Co-producer : 141 Feles
Contribution : Film Comission Emilia Romagna


Distributor : 141 Feles


2010 - Parma Video Festival, Parme (Italie) :