A l'assaut de la montagne
Dans la tempête et la glace
( Im Kampf mit dem Berge - In Sturm und Eis )

Arnold Franck
1921 - 75 min - Noir & Blanc - Allemagne

The only film score which survives from the scarce composed by Paul Hindemith in the twenties decade, corresponds to one of the first compositions expressly made for a specific picture. Composed in a unselfish way, only for the pleasure to do it, this very beautiful Hindemith's score for this movie, a mountain-and-snow adventure film directed by his friend Arnold Fanck in 1920, was only heared in conjunction with the movie, and as the composer and director liked, on its premiere in Berlin in 1921. Rejected since then by the musicians and conductors of the projection halls (we must remember that on those years the music was played on live), complaining of its excessive difficulty of performance, has been necessary more than seventy years to be able to enjoy again of its terrific music. Hindemith splits his score in six acts, which correspond to the six reels who has the original version of the picture. This is the only surviving film score from Hindemith, which shows a sound treatment which comes two decades ahead of what will become a usual language.

Author-Director : Arnold Franck
Photography : Arnold Franck, Sepp Allgeier
Sound : Arnold Franck
Editing : Arnold Franck
Original Music : Paul Hindemith
Delegate Producer : Berg- und Sportfilm GmbH


Distributor : Universum Film