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À l'assaut de la Moncada Série-Collection : Moi, Fidel Castro : conversations avec Ignacio Ramonet

Axel Ramonet
2004 - 50 min - DVC Pro - Couleur - France

About fifty years the Cuban revolution started with the birth of the 26th July movement and the Moncada barracks attack. That day, early morning, Fidel Castro drives a caravan of sixteen cars, full of armed and trained young men in order to assault the second most important place from Cuba, the weak link of Batista's dictatorship.
In this movie, leaded by the witness of Fidel Castro we fathom the meticulous preparedness of the first battle the one that he likes to call his unique military defeat but his biggest political victory. We ascertain the consequences of his defeat and the terrible consequences of this disaster.

Author-Director : Axel Ramonet
Author : Ignacio Ramonet
Delegate Producer : Temps noir
Co-producer : Dominant 7
Co-producer : Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)
Broadcasting Co-producer : Histoire
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Doc & Film International
DVD Editing : Éditions Montparnasse
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