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Thin Skinned
( Sangue Na Guelra )

Inês Mendes Gil
2014 - 75 min - HD - Couleur - Portugal

"Thin Skinned" is a documentary about a project that was created in a suburb of Lisbon to fight the school dropout of sixty young people between 12 and 15 years. After being systematically expelled from other schools, these teens have the opportunity to go back to school and interact freely with the teachers. Marginalized by society, many of them have already a police record. These teens are overwhelmed by their own history, often due to a lack of references. The documentary was shot between January and June 2013, without sentimentality or sensationalism to show the journey of these young people at school, which gives them a last chance to acquire a minimum of basic knowledge. It is the humanistic aspect that has been privileged. Through the film, we discover the relationship and the conflicts they have with each other and with their teachers.

Author-Director : Inês Mendes Gil
Photography : Gabriel Oliveira
Sound : Ruben Almeida
Editing : Rui Lopes
Delegate Producer : Inês Mendes Gil


Distributor : Inês Mendes Gil