À Fano Ra
Sur la trace de nos ancêtres
Marc E. Louvat
1995 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - Tahiti, Polynésie française, France

For centuries the Polynesian forefathers sailed across the seas. Tenacious and brave sailors, outstanding navigators, the ocean was their kingdom. Island after island, they conquered most of the south pacific area. An unprecedented adventure on the sea, that remains unique in the history of mankind.
Centuries have passed, Europeans have re-discovered these islands. Bygone navigation techniques have fallen into oblivion. Nothing would remain of it all if a few passionate men hadn't devoted their lives to research and revive this old knowledge.
This film retraces the unique journey of these men, following the steps of their ancestors aboard 8 open sea canoes. An adventure that will lead them to Raiatea in French Polynesia for a great gathering, then on the ancient migration paths from Tahiti to the Marquesas islands and Hawaii.

Author-Director : Marc E. Louvat
Delegate Producer : ICA (Institut de la Communication Audiovisuelle)
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : La Cinquième
Broadcasting Sale : ARTE France
Broadcasting Sale : Planète, Odyssée, la chaîne documentaire, RTBF Bruxelles