A Current Past
Arnaud Lanouiller
2017 - 117 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

"A Current Past", is the idea that nothing is lost, that nothing is created, that everything is transformed. Through the strata of time, and in the present of these Balkan societies, music reflects the needs of artists or societies with various practices and multiple genres that endure the test of time. Time, this dimension disembodied, impalpable, immutable, completely out of control.
"A Current Past" is a film about the Balkans, music of Balkans, otherwise. Rather than betting on its sensational festive music, like fanfares and Balkans-beat, we are talking about an acceptance of the sensitivity of each one and the emotional exaltations that flow from it. Starting from the traditional, enriching oneself with lost or changing practices, whose benefits we must understand and feel.
So, on the way to these different musical encounters, men and women confront us with transmissions, sometimes oral, sometimes visual and sound. Facing them, we are questioning the preservation and rehabilitation of traditions today. "A Current Past" is a look that brings a slow reflection extracting from these traditional practices old values that suggest new perceptions of our time.


Distributor : Camille Binelli


2017 - Etno Film Zlatna (Festival International de Film Etnographic), Zlatna (Roumanie) : Sélection