A casa la noi
Maxime Shelledy
2014 - 36 min - HD - Couleur - France

After losing the shelter of their makeshift squat by fire in 2008, around one hundred Romanian "Roms" from Arad are temporarily parked in trailers on a lot provided by the city of Montreuil on the outskirts of Paris. Here they await acceptance in a rehousing program soon to be executed. Some hope for a home, others once again face an uncertain future. Among them, Ancuta and her family live this uncertainty day by day.

Author-Director : Maxime Shelledy
Photography : Maxime Shelledy
Sound : Amélie Boyé, Anne-Lise Carlo, Bénédicte Ober
Editing : Dominique Paris
Delegate Producer : Ateliers Varan
Contribution : Procirep


Distributor : Ateliers Varan


2015 - États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France) : Sélection Expériences du Regard
2015 - Festival international du documentaire en Cévennes, Lasalle (France) : Sélection