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À Abidjan, on dit quoi même ?
Pascal Rémy, Joseph Andjou
1998 - 23 min - Betacam - Couleur - France

Three times a year, the African communities in Paris and elsewhere impatiently await the arrival of the latest cassette of the Abidjan puppet shows. These cassettes which are exclusively distributed through African videoclubs, are for many people the only visual link that unites them with their country.
In comic tones, these filmed news-journals plunge the exiled Africans back into what preoccupies or amuses their compatriots who have stayed behind : corruption, dubious dealings, modernity versus tradition, immigration...
These films are a setting in image form of the oral tradition of African story-telling and the actors who play in them are peerless narrators.

Author-Director : Pascal Rémy, Joseph Andjou
Delegate Producer : MVG
Broadcasting Co-producer : Canal plus


Distributor : MVG