Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 CNC aid for the production of short films

CNC aid for the production of short films

Friday, 25 at 10:00 am, Blue bar
Advance registration at the festival welcome desk required.

The short film is the ideal place for research in the field of the image and its vitality is an important guarantee for the future of the cinema and audiovisual sectors. The creation of short films participates in an apprenticeship which can lead directors and producers to move on to the production of feature-length films or works for television. For this reason, the short film has always contributed to distinguishing, developing, and renewing talent in cinema and audiovisual creation. It is also a genre of its own, in which creative freedom and experimentation are commonplace.
The CNC is fully conscious of the role played by short film. It has always supported this branch in all its forms (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental cinema) and contributed to its financing at all stages of the process, from writing to production, from promotion to distribution.
In 2016, a reform of the aid mechanisms for production has allowed the consolidation of the short film’s fundamental role in welcoming new talents by meeting three challenges:
1. encourage a wider diversity in supported projects by ensuring in particular greater freedom for creative and production teams;
2. improve the accompaniment of emerging talent by guaranteeing particularly that the support is progressive;
3. make the support system more intelligible and visible by simplifying mechanisms and valorising more energetically the works produced, the actors involved and the CNC’s action.
Aside from a presentation of the reform, discussion will focus on how the system works (submissions, eligibility, selection criteria, commission procedure).

The workshop is open to students, directors and producers.

Presentation by Aziza Kaddour (CNC).