Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Writing and developing a creative documentary

Writing and developing a creative documentary

Workshop – Thursday, 24 at 10:00 am, Salle Cinéma

As every year, the CNC is organizing a workshop around the development process of a documentary film that has received support from the Audiovisual Innovation Aid Fund for Creative Documentary.
In resonance with the theme of the seminar on memory and territories proposed at this year’s États généraux, we will discuss the project Re-re Méditerranée by Jean-Marc Chapoulie and Nathalie Quintane, produced by Elisabeth Pawlowski and Elsa Minisini (Baldanders Films, Marseille).
The project received seed money for writing and development aid in 2016.
In addition to the questions dealing with the project’s origin, the work involved in elaborating, writing and developing the production, the workshop will focus on the role of archive images and the construction of a territory in cinema.

Re-re Méditerranée is a film on the Mediterranean today made up of images shot by surveillance cameras, as if it were a version 2.0 of perception. It is a motionless voyage which raises the question of the Mediterranean as a digital territory.

Artist, director of films and videos, Jean-Marc Chapoulie is also an exhibition curator. Under the name of Alchimicinema, he proposes hybrid screenings which are at once conferences, performances, projections and installations of film images garnered over periods of time.
Nathalie Quintane, poet and writer published by P.O.L., is co-author of the film.
The film was produced by Baldanders Films, a production company based in Marseille since October 2012, which accompanies cinematographic and audiovisual forms engaged in a process of research and experimentation with no restriction of genre or format.

Workshop moderated by Valentine Roulet (CNC).
In the presence of Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Elsa Minisini, Élisabeth Pawlowski and Nathalie Quintane.