Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Scam : Nuit de la radio

Scam : Nuit de la radio


Friday, 25 at 9:00 pm in Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron
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La Scam, the INA and France Culture invite you to discover the audio programme proposed by Carole Pither.


“Being deprived of liberty sharpens your taste for liberty.”
Gaston Monnerville.

I was born free in a free country. My father and grandfathers fought for that freedom. Everywhere in the world, others are struggling to break their chains: women, slaves, prisoners. We fought for the freedom of the press, of expression, the freedom to move, to live our sexuality openly. Peoples and nations have been built on the concept of liberty. It is beautiful and precious but sometimes fragile.
These excerpts discovered in INA’s audio archives represent a particular idea of liberty – mine! I have tried to create mental images to evoke women’s liberation, the freedom of the airwaves, of children, of hostages; the abolition of slavery and freedom of thought. Freedom is on the other side of a cell’s bars; on the road or the ocean; in the mind or in our behaviour; to be taken and defended.
Escape, take to your heels, wander off with me, just the time to taste, and take, a few liberties.
Carole Pither

With the collaboration of Isabelle Fort Rendu, Ina archivist, and Frédéric Fiard, sound editor and mixer.

1h29 of audio excerpts to be heard wearing headphones

1. The Women’s Lib Movement (MLF)
Between the suffragettes and Femen, there was the Women’s Lib movement, represented in France by the MLF (Mouvement de libération des femmes) founded in spring 1970. Three extracts from a single programme give us a vision of the beginning of this societal change.
1972, France Culture © Ina
Le Point du 7e jour, magazine de la rédaction
- Excerpt n° 1: 0,30”
Rise up, women! Get out of your kitchens!
- Excerpt n°2: 1’52”
Demonstration in Paris, one Sunday on Mother’s day.
- Excerpt n°3: 2’06”
They demand the freedom to abort and use contraception. A few young militant women dare speak to the microphone to demand the right to dispose of their own bodies.
2. Women’s Words
Are we right to talk about women? Françoise d’Eaubonne and Nelly Kaplan, two famous feminists, answer questions by Yves Mourousi.
1974, France Inter, 2’ © Ina
Inter actualités de 13 h
Journalist: Yves Mourousi.
3. The Sexual Freedom of the Swedes
In the seventies, the sexual liberty in Sweden fascinated the French. Children born out of wedlock were not stigmatized; young high-school teens slept with their boyfriends – but where was love? Yves-Guy Bergès, winner of the Albert Londres Prize, was interviewed on his return from the country.
1970, France Inter, 6’ © Ina
Les Grands reporters
Journalist: Hélène Tournaire
Director: Philippe Guinard
4. The Sound of Barricades
May 68. People sang “The Internationale” and Daniel Cohn-Bendit was already protesting.
2000, France Culture, 0’27’’ © Ina
Les Avant-gardes du XXe siècle
Producer: Jean Daive
Directors: Michel Créis and Claude Giovannetti
5. Mixity – Liberty
May 68. Students from Nanterre University built barricades in the streets to demand their freedom of movement.
1967, France Inter, 2’ © Ina
Inter actualités de 13 h
Journalists: Alain Barreau and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach
6. Street of the wild children
What became of the children born of the generation that lived May 68 and grew up in free love communes? They didn’t have the same desires as their parents but they lived their freedom to the full.
1997, France Culture, 2’57’’ © Ina
Nuits magnétiques
Coordinating producer: Colette Fellous
Producer: Juliette Senik
Director: Anne-Pascale Desvignes
7. Berlin: Shadow of a Wall
Berlin: enclave-city freed by the fall of a wall. How do its inhabitants live their refound space of liberty?
1992, France Culture, 1’30’’ © Ina
Grand angle
Producer: Ludovic Sellier
Director: François Bréhinier
8. The Free Man’s Glass
4 May, 1988. The journalist Jean-Paul Kauffmann was freed after three years of detention in Lebanon. It was only three months later that he finally recovered the taste of freedom.
1989, France Culture, 2’58’’ © Ina
Éloge du vin
Producer: Sylvie Andreu
Director: Anna Sibert
9. Escape
With his twenty-five years of prison and eight attempted break-outs, the famous convict Charlie Bauer is well cast to give a little advice about how to escape from a cell in the Baumettes prison.
2006, France Inter, 4’46’’ © Ina
Là-bas, si j’y suis
Producer: Daniel Mermet
Director: Antoine Chao
Journalist: Pascale Pascariello
10. The Wanderings of Jack Kerouac
On the Road. A journey through the America of the forties and fifties by the poet who inspired the Beat Generation.
1997, France Culture, 2’50’’ © Ina
Une vie une œuvre
Producer: Jean Daive
Director: Isabelle Yhuel
11. A Sea Dream
In 1981, Michel Chopard left with four buddies on the sailing vessel Kim. At sea for several years, he learned to appreciate a certain kind of freedom.
1986, France Culture, 3’08’’ © Ina
Nuits magnétiques
Coordinating Producer: Laure Adler
Producer: Jean-François Aumaître
Director: François-Xavier Pelletier
Assistant director: Hélène Pommier
12. Maiden voyage of the “Liberty”
The ocean liner Liberté is getting ready to leave Le Havre for New York. Each day with a short report, the correspondent Michel Droit allows us to experience the trip as it happens.
1950, RTF, 2’09’’ © Ina
Paris vous parle
Journalist: Michel Droit
13. Liberty regilded
The Statue of Liberty is a powerful symbol. It is also French. So it was a team of French metalworkers who worked on its restoration in 1985.
2000, France Culture, 2’38’’ © Ina
État de faits – Les métalliers de la Liberté
Producer: Manoette Berthommier
Director: Myron Meerson
14. The Voices of Freedom or the Liberation of the Airwaves 1944-45
The first radio to be liberated in France after the Normandy invasion was Radio Cherbourg. The participants return to Fauconnière park to recount the events.
2002, France Culture, 6’14’’ © Ina
La Fabrique de l’histoire
Producers: Emmanuel Laurentin and Philippe Modol
Director: Christine Robert
15. Is the street for everybody?
For his very first radio broadcast, the philosopher Michel Onfray questions people’s freedom in a public space, in reaction to answers given by passers-by in a street.
1996, France Inter, 3’41’’ © Ina
Esprit d’enfance
Producer Paula Jacques
16. Free the Menhirs!
Caroline Cartier points her microphone at navigator Eugène Riguidel and other devoted defenders of menhirs, under the eye of famous prehistorian Jean Clottes.
1998, France Inter, 3’05’’ © Ina
Dimanche en roue libre
Producer: Kriss
Journalist: Caroline Cartier
17. Last of the free men?
“Freedom doesn’t exist”, says Germaine Tillon on the subject of the last free men of the planet. The Eskimos of Greenland lived in harmony with their time, but according to Dr Robert Gessain, director of the Musée de l’Homme, they were not free for all that.
1971, France Culture, 5’12’’ © Ina
Le Monde insolite
Producer: Robert Arnaut
18. Liberties or Liberty?
The historian and philosopher Daniel Roche criticizes Voltaire’s Treatise on Metaphysics.
2007, France Culture, 3’50’’ © Ina
Les Chemins de la connaissance
Producer: Jacques Munier
Director: Doria Zénine
19. Carmen Ben Laden
Her brother-in-law was the most wanted terrorist on the planet. A few reflections by a woman wearing the veil for the first time and discovering the constraints of life in Saudi Arabia.
2004, France Inter, 3’27’’ © Ina
Producer: Paula Jacques
Journalist: Xavier Pestuggia
20. The Monokini as seen by Fernandel
Well before the burkini hit the spotlights, there was the monokini trial. An affront to public morals or women’s bodies finally emancipated? The famous southern-French actor comments on this shocking affair.
2000, France Culture, 2’32’’ © Ina
La Ronde des femmes – Florilège : belles archives ou révoltantes archives
Producer: Aline Pailler
Director: Claude Giovannetti
21. The new “free” men
Slavery is the worst forms of deprivation of liberty. But after its abolition in the French colonies in 1848, life was not easy for the newly emancipated.
1998, RFI, 4’40’’ © Ina
Magazine Air Afrique
Director: Aimée Guillard
Journalist: Anne Blancard
22. Gaston Monnerville
He knew freed slaves and met Victor Schoelcher, “Freedom does not exist without equality”, said Gaston Monnerville, a remarkable statesman who could have become the first black President of the Republic.
1975, France Inter, 4’05’’
Producer: Jacques Chancel
23. The Liberation of an entire people
Nelson Mandela speaks to the South-African people after twenty-seven years of imprisonment. Pierre Perret admiringly praises one of the world’s most famous political prisoners.
2006, France Culture, 2’23’’ © Ina
Producer: David Artur
Director: Nathalie Triandafyllidès
24. Independent Radios
FM zapping in 1981.
1991, France Culture, 0’48’’ © Ina
Nuits magnétiques
Producer: Andrew Orr
Director: Bruno Sourcis
25. On Breton Airwaves
A reflection on the multiplicity of independent radios in Brittany during the eighties, during a discussion organised at the seventh edition of the Longueurs d’ondes festival in Brest.
2009, France Culture, 2’37’’ © Ina
Producer: Joseph Confavreux
Director: Laurent Paulré
26. Independent Radios
Carbone 14, the radio where people said everything and anything over the air. Legend has it that love was made in the studios.
1991, France Culture, 1’25’’ © Ina
Nuits magnétiques
Producer: Andrew Orr
Director: Bruno Sourcis
27. Radio Liberty
In 1973, Radio Liberty retransmitted a book by Alexander Soljenitsyn to the Soviet Union. Totally forbidden, listening constituted a crime against the USSR.
1974, France Inter, 3’12’’ © Ina
Inter actualités de 13 h
Journalists: Thierry Bourgeon and Daniel Saint-Hamont
28. D Day
BBC correspondent Alan Edding reporting live from the streets of Paris July 14, 1945.
3’19’’ © Ina
Thématique Phonothèque