Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Département de l’Ardèche

Département de l’Ardèche

“This accumulation of traces draws a path”, say the programmers. We could not better express the patient conviction which has allowed, in twenty-nine years, a collective of professionals and film lovers to put together in Ardèche a unique and unmissable festival of documentary cinema whose influence, from the heart of the Coiron plateau, radiates throughout the entire world.
The États généraux du film documentaire provide a thousand opportunities to question the world as it is, amid an event of renowned summer friendliness, thanks to the team at Ardèche Images, to the many volunteers, but also to the shopkeepers and inhabitants of Lussas, all of whom invest their energy for the success of the festival and whom I wish to thank here.
They contribute to the extraordinary cultural vitality of our territory. The Département of Ardèche defends this vitality with a cultural policy committed to serving all. Our culture budget has been preserved over several years and of this, I am proud. Music, dance, circus, theatre, fine arts, cinema… The Département encourages creativity in all its forms and promotes artistic and cultural education for all. Together we are changing the way people look at our rural territories.
Our country areas are not on the sleeping margins of life. Ardèche creates, invents, innovates, in short, is alive… I invite you to contribute to this dynamic by supporting the most recent invention of Lussas as a documentary village: the Tënk platform. If it reaches the threshold of ten thousand subscribers, Tënk will soon be able to produce a hundred films a year. We count on you to make of Lussas a village where creative documentary is produced, thanks to the building equipped with post-production studios erected by the communal community of Berg and Coiron, whose involvement I gratefully acknowledge.
My wishes to all participants for an intense and rich week of screenings, debates and human encounters, and I invite you all to let yourself be entranced by the marvels of the Ardèche.

Laurent Ughetto
President, Département of Ardèche