Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Direction régionale des affaires culturelles

Direction régionale des affaires culturelles

From August 20 to 26, 2017, the village of Lussas will remind us that it is the beating heart of documentary film in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and that the États généraux du film documentaire are among its finest pulses.
The project developed by the team at Ardèche Images over more than thirty years unfurls the richness of documentary cinema in all its dimensions over a whole territory contributing to its particular identity: a video library at the Maison du Doc, introductory and continuing training at the École documentaire, screenings throughout the region with the Toiles du doc and the Mois du film documentaire, mechanisms of artistic and cultural education, training and accompaniment of the region’s festival teams, and of course, the meetings at the États généraux : the wide range of proposals that Ardèche Images offers to the public is impressive and meaningful.
The audacity and success of the event organized in August each year at Lussas since 1989 has always been striking: fragments from Poland and Lebanon, retrospectives devoted to Guy Sherwin and Peter Nestler, an exploration of the points of view developed by filmmakers on memory and territories, discussions between directors and composers, Nuit de la radio… It is the wide diversity of the public which in the end determines the editorial content of the États généraux du film documentaire, always marked by a demanding level of artistic and ethical standards.
Thanks to the entire range of partners associated with the event and whose commitment must be commended, documentary film continues to demonstrate at Lussas the “sparks of new beauty” which Ardèche Images continues tirelessly to gather, study, protect, share and question.

Michel Prosic
Directeur régional des affaires culturelles