Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 Procirep


Lussas is organising its twenty-eighth festival this year, twenty-eight years of that special alchemy created in this Ardèche village from doses of outdoor cinema, summer study sessions, holiday art festivals, guest houses and farm-site camping.
Lussas is a collective that has managed to evolve over the years without losing its compass: engaging in the world through narratives composed of image and sound.
Lussas, before others, was able to reconcile the local and the global, solicit and organise the sharing of knowledge beyond real or assumed borders. Lussas has multiplied its activities because it has been able to innovate and invent tools that facilitate this sharing that is also an intermingling in its most practical and concrete sense.
The spawning of events (workshops, residences, festivals, forum...) stimulates the desire of those who approach to network, opening up possibilities for new initiatives: from the Summer meetings at Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron to the Master's degree of the École documentaire with the University of Grenoble, from the Tënk coproduction meetings to the eponymous platform, from Lumières du monde to the Maison du doc, not to mention the associations which have taken wing since “his mother's grocery shop”.
Lussas has become more than an event for documentary filmmakers: a place of life and exchange irrigated by documentary, a moment for renewing inspiration and reflection on what is happening around us.
For these reasons, the Procirep is proud to have contributed in its way to this adventure for the past nineteen years.

Luc Martin-Gousset
Chairman of the Procirep Television Commission