Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 August Meetings

August Meetings

From Monday, 22 to Wednesday, 24 in Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron, behind closed doors.

Seventeen years. The fine age.
Organised by the Lussas École documentaire since 1999, these meetings are designed above all to be a period of training for those proposing projects which are already well-advanced in their writing. They take place in the little village of Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron, at some distance from the effervescence of the États généraux but close enough to allow people to participate every evening. During three intense and convivial days based on mutual listening, exchange, rigour, twelve producer-director duos will confront their proposals. The first day, within collective workshops, one of which will be moderated by Céline Loiseau and Vincent Sorrel, the other by Serge Gordey and Raphaël Pillosio. The two following days will provide time for them to discuss their projects in depth through individual discussion with representatives of the entire sector supporting creative documentary: commissioning editors, broadcasters, directors of regional funds and CNC representatives, distributors, DVD publishers and VOD platforms. In the current context of mobilisation and hope for creative documentary, this professional event provides in addition an essential moment to facilitate a common reflection around documentary creation. But these meetings are also and perhaps above all the place where the desire to make a film takes on its full breadth and is affirmatively promoted to the extent that, shortly afterwards, it can be made.
This is the most we can hope for the twenty-four participants in these 2016 meetings.

Chantal Steinberg

The selected projects:

Arto Paasilinna
Marion Valadier, produit par Les Films du Paquebot

Et maintenant ?
Jonas Luyckx et Julie Benegmos, produit par Thank You & Good Night productions et coproduit par Pages et Images

Femme de mère en fille
Valérie Guillaudot, produit par Airelles Production et coproduit par Caméra au Poing

La Chambre aux trois histoires
Adeline Gonin, produit par Julien Fiorentino, Association l’Echangeur

Le Corps d’Osiris
Jonathan Millet, produit par Les Films de l'Heure Bleue et coproduit par Tita Productions

Le festival n’aura pas lieu
Julien Ouguergouz, produit par La Casquette Production

L’Ours, la Souris et le Rideau de fer
Amel El Kamel, produit par Méroé Films

Mr Kubota
Anush Hamzehian et Vittorio Mortarotti, produit par ZED

Oihaneko zühaiñetan – Parmi les arbres des forêts
Elsa Oliarj-Ines, produit par Point du Jour et Aldudarrak Bideo

Sur ton nuage blanc
Yves Mimaut, produit par De Films en Aiguille

Ti-Couz, un rêve américain
Julien Malassigné, produit par La Société des Apaches

Zone rouge
Tristan Thil, produit par Cinéphage Productions