Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 The films from the 2016 Creative Documentary Master 2

The films from the 2016 Creative Documentary Master 2

Films to complete a degree to launch a life after college. The year of the Master's is coming to an end. The twelve students in film direction will have passed through every season, every emotion. They will have met contributors and lecturers from all horizons who have generously transmitted what they most intensely hold dear. How good it is, this time when we find ourselves part of a group; finding one's matches and mismatches, being entirely mobilised so that an idea, an intuition, a desire born of a meeting, a reflection, an obsession may latch into place, get the machinery going and become a film addressed to others. Avoid the closed circle. With obstinacy, ambition and sometimes passion. Each film is born of a story, and the way this story is told says much about those who made it... Films in the image of their directors.
May the night fall with nary a drop of rain for this open-air and free projection.

Free entry – Debates in the presence of the directors followed by a drink.