Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 Writing and developing a creative documentary

Writing and developing a creative documentary

Workshop – Thursday 25 at 10:00 am, Salle Cinéma

Like every year, the CNC is organising a workshop around a project that received support from the Aid fund for audiovisual innovation. This year, to explore the challenges of development, we will discuss the proposed musical documentary Les Petits Maîtres du Grand Hôtel directed by Jacques Deschamps and produced by TS Productions (Céline Loiseau).

Jacques Deschamps has made nearly two dozen documentary films including Mograbi cinéma (2013) and four fiction features. His most recent, Tsunami, will be released in cinemas soon.
Marie-Jeanne Serero is a concert artist, teacher at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse in Paris, composes for the opera and dance stages and writes music for film and theatre, in collaboration with René Féret and Guillaume Galienne, to name but a few. She has written arrangements for many albums with Jean-Louis Aubert, Didier Lockwood, Stomy Bugsy… She composed the music of Jacques Deschamps’ most recent film and is continuing their collaboration with Les Petits Maîtres du Grand Hôtel.
TS Productions has been producing documentary and fiction films since 1996 for both television and cinema.

Les Petits Maîtres du Grand Hôtel
In the old hotel Lesdiguières, a group of teenagers seem to be acting out an old fashioned comedy. Stiff and stilted in their tuxedos or uniforms, some welcome customers with ample bows and curtsies or spin like tops around the impeccably dressed dining tables in the restaurant. Disguised as gourmet chefs or chambermaids, the others move in great agitation through the corridors of the kitchens or laundries. In their technical college, preparing for their CAP, Bac Pro or BTS degrees, these young students of the Secondary School for Applied Arts in Hostelry in Grenoble rehearse, just like in the theatre, the roles they will play in their future lives, dedicated to serving others.
Occasionally, the teens take a dance step, strike up a chorus or launch into percussive improvisations using spoons, saucepans and pianos... A way of enchanting, perturbing and revealing the order reigning in palace hotels and at five star tables where they will perhaps officiate one day.

Workshop moderated by Valentine Roulet (CNC), in the presence of Jacques Deschamps, Céline Loiseau and Marie-Jeanne Serero.