Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 August Encounters

August Encounters

For sixteen years, the Lussas Documentary School has organised this seminar with the aim of offering a training window especially designed for people with challenging, stylistically ambitious documentary projects. In the little village of Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron, producer-director duos meet with representatives of the industry (television companies, distributors, institutions) who profess support for creative documentary. Over three intense and friendly days, creators and professionals meet, discuss and work. In the present context of worry but also mobilisation around creative documentary, this professional meeting will also provide an essential moment to engage in shared reflection around the future of creative documentary production.
Twenty-four project holders will be welcomed this year. The first day, they will split up into two workshops led by the duos Céline Loiseau – Raphael Pillosio and Serge Gordey – Vincent Sorrel.
The two following days will provide the opportunity for participants to discuss within the framework of individual in-depth meetings with programme commissioners, directors of Regional and CNC support funds, distributors, and publishers of DVD and VOD platforms.

Chantal Steinberg

The selected projects:

Car souvent l’hiver se mutine
a film by Benoît Perraud, produced by Corpus films

Ce qu’il nous reste
a film by Claire Jantet, produced by Inediz

Correspondances franco-allemandes
a film by Mariette Gutherz, produced by Aum Films and coproduced by Blue Films

Dernières Nouvelles des étoiles
a film by Jonathan Millet, produced by 5J productions and coproduced by Doc(k)s 66

El patio
a film by Elvira Diaz, produced by Cosmographe Productions and coproduced by Panchito Films

Les Équilibristes
un film de Perrine Michel, produced by Réel Factory

Ici et maintenant (tu vois ce que je veux dire ?)
a film by Naruna Kaplan de Macedo, produced by Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée

Loin sur la route des hommes
a film by Julie Peghini, produced by Les films du Paquebot and coproduced by Les Films d’Ici 2

Pour une vie meilleure
a film by Grégory Lassalle, produced by Les films de l’heure bleue

Quelques signes du futur
a film by Pascale David, produced by VraiVrai Films

Qu’est-ce que tu imagines ?
a film by Hélène Ricome, produced by Epikepoc Production

Sortir du parc Rousseau – Charles de Gaulle
a film by Delphine Moreau, produced by Oh les films !