Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Case Study: VOD

Case Study: VOD

New distribution circuits with Universciné
Friday, 22 at 10:00 am, Cinema 1

How can we continue to defend creative film on the new distribution networks—on the Internet or cable television? Universciné was born from the common will by independent producers/distributors to protect the works that they produce and catalogue. The cooperative counts today around fifty shareholders. VOD (Video on Demand) offers, on your computer or on a TV receiver connected to a box, a new way of discovering films alongside cinemas and DVD. A Little Family Conversation by Hélène Lapiower is the perfect example of a very important film for cinema buffs that is practically invisible... except thanks to VOD, which allows everyone to see it at home or whenever and wherever they want. This is the main idea of Universciné's distribution policy.

Philippe Piazzo

The projection will be followed by a discussion between Philippe Piazzo (Universciné) and François Margolin (Margo Films).
Debate led by Alexandre Cornu.