Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 CNC: Aid fund to new production technologies

CNC: Aid fund to new production technologies

Financing digital visual effects for documentary.
Friday 22 at 2:30 pm, Cinema 1

The CNC Aid Fund for New Production Technologies is designed to cushion the risk taken by film or audiovisual producers for films in 3D or using innovative digital technologies (digital special effects, synthesised images, the development of specific procedures). The aid is available to projects of fiction, animation, documentary or recorded live shows, of feature or short films, feature-length or series pilots and audiovisual works. In 2013 eighty projects received aid including fifteen documentaries for a total of 1.4 million euros.

This presentation will be based on a case study of Olivier Durie's documentary Alexandre Marius Jacob et les travailleurs de la nuit, accompanied by Sallah-Edine Ben Jamaa, production manager for Les Films Grain de Sable and Jean-Baptiste Delorme, computer graphics designer.

“In the forties, an itinerant merchant under the banner of MARIUS hails passers by. His drawn features suggest a life burdened with hard work. A worker of a highly unusual sort... March, 1905, Amiens, France. La Belle Époque. A crowd is massed in front of the courthouse. The international press is there as well as the Paris elite. The court questions a young man of twenty-five, accused with his gang of having committed at least one hundred and fifity break-in robberies. Alexandre Marius Jacob launches his defense. He defends a militant style of anarchism and assumes his acts as “reappropriation for political ends”. Point by point, he turns the accusations against society and transforms the courtroom into a political tribunal.”

Encounter led by Magali Jammet, Head of the New Production Technologies mission at the CNC, and Jean-Teddy Filippe, director and member of the selection committee.