Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Direction régionale des affaires culturelles Rhône-Alpes

Direction régionale des affaires culturelles Rhône-Alpes

As every year since 1989, Lussas will become for one week a stronghold for all those, amateurs, students or professionals, who love creative documentary, and who craft this very special cinematic genre through their points of view and their work. At this time of high summer more propitious for all kinds of tourism, the États généraux du film documentaire takes hold of the village of Lussas and summons us to enrich our minds and souls with images, exchanges and encounters to better confront the reality of the world, revealed as much in the singular point of view of each author as through the universal character of their artistic effort. The success of each year's États généraux has contributed to structure Lussas around the creation, training and distribution of documentary cinema and to turn this small village into a space of cultural development recognised both nationally and internationally. This is a remarkable achievement that warrants recognition, perfectly matching the goals of territorial cultural planning, democratisation and cultural and artistic education that are at the heart of our missions and our action.
This twenty-sixth edition is faithful to the endogenous values of the États généraux and testifies once again to the high values of artistic creativity and citizen commitment that make for the event's quality, in particular the workshop on the jolt given to images by contemporary history, the “Militant humanism” retrospective devoted to Sándor Sára, or the “Doc Route: Netherlands” and “Doc History: Italy” programmes.
In the heart of this summer, all together, let us once again take the by-ways to revisit Lussas and documentary film, an intrinsically linked space and production, constantly moving and to be explored immoderately...

Jean-François Marguerin
Directeur régional des affaires culturelles Rhône-Alpes

Jean-François Marguerin