Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Scam : Radio Night

Scam : Radio Night

An evening presented by the Scam, Ina and Radio France.
Friday August 22 at 9 pm, in Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron.
Free shuttle bus from the Lussas Church at 8 pm.

Spirit of the Place... Place of the Spirit

Following enigmatic byways, Ina's radio archives transport us over the airwaves to places where the intimate mingles with the worldly, from here and now to beyond it all.
Places where the spirit rests an instant. Earthbound or touching the skies, it opens onto the highest mountains in the world, penetrates into legendary forests, gets lost in the worlds of luxury, work, the arts or the gloom of haunted castles.
Spirit, are you there?

Jean-Louis Rioual

Seventy-seven minutes of sound excerpts to be heard, wearing headphones, in the church square of Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron.

La Ronde des ondes
Round and about the French Broadcasting Centre in a collection of samples from the Groupe de Recherches Musicales based on fragments of sounds, jingles, intros, picked up in the building's studios.
1988, 1’30
Acousmathèque – Petit guide musical à l’usage des fantômes mélomanes
Producers : Olivier Bernager, Frédéric Valabrègue
Technical director : Christian Zanesi
Broadcast : France Musique

Le Colisée des temps modernes
A visit to the Broadcasting Centre on the day of its inauguration, "an electronic Tower of Babel where all the world's voices and songs converge and disseminate". Discovery of the decoration of the fourth entrance hall designed by Mathieu in homage to Jean Cocteau.
1963, 1’05
Inauguration de la Maison de la Radiodiffusion Télévision Française
Presenter : Claude Gueroult
Journalist : Samy Simon
Broadcast : RTF

Nessie, es-tu là ?
By steam train, on foot, rowboat or sail... towards Inverness, Scotland, following the paths of school children in search of the monster haunting the depths of Loch Ness and the imaginary world of our childhood novels.
1983, 5’46
L’Écossaise et les Monstres du Loch Ness
Producer : Marc André
Broadcast : France Culture

La Dame blanche du château de Veauce*
Believe in mystery, give oneself over to the inexplicable? An investigation in the castle of Veauce, Allier, haunted by the ghost of Lucie, a beautiful, graceful young maid, who served there around 1560 and who, it is said, has haunted the place for more than four hundred years. In the middle of the eighties, the former proprietor of the castle organised visits on the path around the ramparts, following the steps of the Lady in White. Follow the guide.
1984, 2’30
Participants : Ephraïm Tagori de la Tour, Raymond Reant

Entièrement d’époque
A guided visit of the house where Flaubert was born in Rouen, adopting an ironic tone inspired by the author himself. Will literary buffs find some satisfaction in this classified heritage site?
1980, 4’40
L’Oreille en coin – Gustave Flaubert : Madame Bovary
Producers : Jean Garretto, Pierre Codou, Claude Dominique
Presenter : Claude Dominique
Broadcast : France Inter

Ici, tout n’est qu’ordre, luxe, calme et sécurité
Monaco is one of the safest states in the world. Extremely attractive, in an area totalling two km², this Orwellian rock offers peace and luxury to the wealthy fortunate who come to do business.
2007-2008, 1’18
Léo Ferré, voyage au jardin d’une fleur sauvage
Technical director, presenter, producer : Gregor Beck, for Across Stickos asbl
Broadcast : Radio Campus-Bruxelles, Radio Panik

Misères de la Fortune à Monaco
Practical exercises and light sociology with two young demoiselles lying beside luxury swimming pools.
1964, 2’13
Mode d’emploi de l’Europe : Inter Variétés – Monaco
Journalist : Jean-Pierre Elkabbach
Producers : Pierre Comte, Jean-Paul Franceschini
Broadcast : France Inter

Cœur de métier
A report on a factory and the grave words of workers attached to their threatened tasks. Class struggle, the particularity of a worker's job, physical matter and what we do with it...
1991, 4’58
La Parole ouvrière
Producer : Marion Thiba
Technical direction : Annie Flavell
Broadcast : France Culture

Lucie, quand reviendras-tu ?*
At the castle of Veauce, a crew made up of journalist Jean-Yves Casgha, medium Raymond Réant, and the latter's grand-daughter gets ready to track down Lucie's ghost, armed with an array of microphones laid out along her path, in the guardroom and on the ramparts. To be continued...
1984, 1’30

Les Débranchés de la rue de Lappe
In the thirties cohorts of young Auvergnats and Averyronnais left their farmland and arrived in Paris to find work. Saturday evenings and Sundays, they would get together to dance and drink in the family balls of the rue de Lappe.
1999, 2’50
Nuits magnétiques – Parquets cirés : À la recherche du bal perdu
Producers : Colette Fellous, Pierre François
Broadcast : France Culture

En boîte et emballés !
Freedom and a new headiness in the nightclubs of the sixties. A revolution in the body and in moral codes... At the Métropolis, events are organised by the proprietor: Pyjama Night, Band Competitions, all manner of come-ons that delight the young.
1966, 2’40
Journal de Paris – Une soirée en boîte au Métropolis
Broadcast : France Inter

Lucie apparaît*
Three claps of thunder and Lucie's ghost appears. Cries and whispers...
1984, 1’

Forêt enchantée
A users' guide to the Forest of Brocéliande as well as instructions by a pure and impassioned initiate. How to lose oneself to find the Grail, far from the tourist guides, vendors of folklore and the gurus.
1993, 2’33
Chroniques sauvages
Producer : Robert Arnaut
Technical director : Solange Yanowska
Broadcast : France Inter

Pistes son
Bruce Chatiwin's trip to the Australian Aboriginals following the trace of sounds and songs left by their ancestors, the "songlines". These constitute the Aboriginals' Bible, the story of the creation of each rock, each hill, and also a map of the paths used by these nomadic peoples.
1990, 3’43
Studio 116 – Le Chant des pistes
Technical director : Christian Zanesi
Broadcast : France Musique

La Vallée des rois
From Gien to Angers over two hundred and fifty kilometers with its numerous castles and manors, the Loire River is a necklace of white stone in Gothic or Renaissance style. Stopover at Amboise Castle, birthplace of the French Renaissance accompanied by historians or entranced lovers of architecture.
1997, 4’08
Lieux de mémoire – Les Châteaux de la Loire
Producer : Françoise Estebe
Technical director : Mireille Krauss
Broadcast : France Culture

La Chaleur du foyer
Jean-Claude Montheil, man of the theatre and cinema, evokes the cooking of his childhood which follows him in his dreams, huge, convivial and intimate all at once, around the large wooden table set next to the fireplace. The heat of the fire and warmth of the table shine through his memories.
2000, 1’12
De bouche à oreille – La Cuisine : L’Esprit du lieu
Producer : Renée Elkaïm Bollinger
Technical director : Christine Berlamont
Broadcast : France Culture

Voie royale
Designed to highlight the Palais des Tuileries and the Louvre, open up fine perspectives for the king Louis XIV and to keep him in Paris, Colbert ordered Le Nôtre to create the grand Allée du Roule, which would become the Champs-Élysées in 1789.
1999, 2’54
Lieux de mémoire – Les Champs-Élysées
Producer : Brigitte Masson
Technical director : Marie-Ange Garrandeau
Broadcast : France Culture

Appel au sommet
Live from the summit of Everest, Jean Afanassief, Nicolas Jaeger and Pierre Mazeaud step onto the highest spot on the planet at eight thousand metres. Victory and an explosion of joy.
1978, 1’42
Inter actualités de 19 h – L’Opération Everest 78
Journalist : Jean-François Rhein
Broadcast : France Inter

Yves Robic, armed with his recorders, goes off like a surveyor in search of strange experiences and mixes his sounds. A meeting with Patricia, sculptress who wanders over the vast peatbogs of Ireland, and with Denis, emergency ward doctor.
2014, 3’42
Le Souffle de l’arpenteur (Premier tableau, première esquisse)
Technical director : Yves Robic
Production : ACSR

Lucie fait peur, l’eussiez-vous cru ?*
The ghost of Lucie, so longed for, is there. She sidles by, brushing against the detectives on her heels. Click clack, she's gone into hiding.
1984, 3’10

Ethnographers from the Musée de l'Homme explore the music of "black Africa" threatened with extinction by colonisation and white schooling. They decipher and safeguard the little known language of tam-tams, balafons, lutes and xylophones...
1951, 3’45
Ce que disent les tam-tams
Producers : Pierre Billard, Pierre Ichac
Technical director : Pierre Billard
Recording : RTF

Entre ciel et terre
In the Bolivian Andes, four thousand metres above sea level, amid the fog and snow of the Altiplano live the Kallawayas, a community of healers and wandering medicine men, inhabitants of the sacred ground.
2013, 3’20
Los Santos
Technical director : Jeanne Debarsy
Production : ACSR
Première Broadcast : Radio-Campus

Retour aux sources
Four sacred mountains delineate the Navajo country and symbolise the limits between ancestral lands and the rest of the world. A guided visit to Monument Valley, a sacred valley, symbol of their history where ancestors and rocks are one...
2011, 4’32
Tout un monde – Arizona : Horizons d’une Amérique en mutation
Presenter and producer : Marie-Hélène Fraïssé
Technical director : Anne Depelchin
Broadcast : France Culture

Histoire de chambres
The historian Michelle Perrot opens the doors of our bedrooms, from Antiquity to modern times. Sleeping boxes or places for display?
2009, 4’29
2000 ans d’Histoire – Les Chambres
Presenter and producer : Patrice Gélinet
Technical director : Anne Kobylak
Broadcast : France Inter

La Clé des chants
A sightless wandering backstage. Echos and resonances of rehearsals, vocalises and arias.
1988, 3’17
Acousmathèque — Petit guide musical à l’usage des fantômes mélomanes
Producers : Olivier Bernager, Frédéric Valabrègue
Technical director : Christian Zanesi
Broadcast : France Musique

Lucie, clap de fin*
Endgame with Lucie. During the night of August 8 to 9, 1984 something definitely happened in the Veauce castle. Ever since then, radio silence...
1984, 3’28

* The excerpts marked with an asterisk are drawn from the programme
Dossier X en cavale – Lucie, le fantôme du château de Veauce
Producer and presenter : Jean-Yves Casgha
Broadcast : France Inter

A programme compiled by Leïla Djitli and Jean-Louis Rioual.
With the participation of Paola Stevenne (Scam Belgium), Hervé Evanno (Ina sound archives), Frédéric Fiard (editing and mix), Valérie Massignon (XYZèbre - script).