Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée

Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée

I rejoice in the fact that the CNC is once again a partner of the Lussas États généraux, which has become over time an indispensable event devoted to documentary. The programming is always remarkably rich and diverse and this new edition will allow the public, I am convinced, to see a fine panorama of recent French speaking production with the program "Viewing Experiences" in particular, and the retrospectives screened in the Doc History programmes.
If previous editions are any guide, also and above all, the meetings at Lussas can be described as places for exchange and reflection on the practice of documentary.
As you know, the CNC has always been committed to supporting the creation of these indispensable films, to improving the conditions of their production so that, for their authors, freedom to create is not synonymous with financial precariousness.
The reform under way of the Cosip (Support fund for audiovisual programmes) has as its goal to improve the way we take into account a film's quality and artistic ambition. The adjustments made in the Aid fund for audiovisual innovation (FAIA) and the long term stabilisation of the reinforced development aid will allow us to improve our perception of the economic pressures on the industry and the preservation of spaces of liberty that are indispensable to creation. Our aids to new media and the creation of Webcosip will go further, I hope, in this direction.
I am also very happy to announce the opening on the CNC site of a Script library of projects aided by the FAIA and aimed at young and future documentary filmmakers, so that they may better apprehend the way the aid fund works and anticipate committee members' expectations.
May these young documentary filmmakers or film students also numerous at Lussas participate in the panels and workshops organised all week long by the CNC! I wish to express my full congratulations to the organisers of the Lussas États généraux, people who have been encouraging documentary to thrive and prosper for twenty-five years.
I truly hope that this new edition will meet all the success it so fully deserves!

Frédérique Bredin
President of the CNC