Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Editing, a form of writing — Workshop

Editing, a form of writing — Workshop

For the seventh consecutive year, the CNC will organise a workshop around the development process of a documentary film having received support from the FAIA, Aid Fund for Audiovisual Innovation. This year, attention will focus on the project: La parole retrouvée, militantes algériennes directed by Raphaël Pillosio, edited by Cédric Jouan and produced by Fabrice Marache (L'Atelier documentaire, Bordeaux). This project received reinforced development aid in March 2013 and also won a Louis Lumière bursary and development funding from the Aquitaine region.
Aside from the project's origins, the elaboration of the screenplay and development of production, the use of archives and collaboration with the editor who participated right from the first shoot will be at the centre of discussion.
After studying film and obtaining a Master in Contemporary History from the Sorbonne, Raphaël Pillosio graduated with a DESS in Documentary Direction from the University of Poitiers. He has made four films screened in various festivals and is also a producer and co-founder of L'Atelier documentaire.
The project was developed by L'Atelier documentaire, a production company founded in 2007 and which produces films for television and the cinema.

"April, 1962. Women militants for Algerian independence were released from the prison at Rennes. Yann Le Masson, a former conscript sent to Algeria and since his return to France a companion of the FLN, filmed them. He asked them how they saw the future of Algeria and in particular what place they saw for women in this new society to be constructed. Today, fifty years have passed. Some of these women are still alive. They discover their old interviews..."

Coordination : Workshop led by Valentine Roulet (CNC) with the participation of the director, the editor and the producer.