Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 The CNC Documentary Script Library

The CNC Documentary Script Library

In 2013, the CNC opened on its site a Script Library made up of documentary projects which had received development aid from the FAIA (Aid Fund for Audiovisual Innovation) in the version submitted at the time of the request. This initiative is aimed at young or future documentary filmmakers and is designed to help people understand the different aid mechanisms of the CNC and the way commissions function in a period of strong competition. The scripts reflect the diversity of subjects examined by the commission both in their subjects (society, history, arts, sciences, ethnography...) and in their writing styles, or the degree of experience or celebrity of their author. The Script Library is regularly updated with new projects and, today, with the films selected in the framework of the États généraux du documentaire.
The CNC thanks all authors and producers who granted their authorisation for the listing of their proposals online.

Technical specifications of these films as well as a selection of interviews of filmmakers can be consulted on the documentary film data base: http://www.film-documentaire.fr.