Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Addoc Web at Lussas — Another experience of viewing

Addoc Web at Lussas — Another experience of viewing

Woven from documentary gestures and filmmakers' words, the Addoc Web is designed by the documentary filmmakers at the Addoc association to question the diversity of contemporary documentary creation. It is located at the hub of several desires: using the web, working collectively on each other's films and those of others, questioning the notion of excerpt. With this research in mind, the Addoc Web workshop will explore this year's programme "Viewing Experiences". From each film of the selection, the workshop will select an excerpt of less than 3 minutes duration. This excerpt will be shown after the debate following the film's projection, accompanied by the reading of a short text explaining how and why the workshop's members saw in this fragment a documentary gesture. We define a "documentary gesture" as a passage from a film which in itself displays sufficiently precise style to remain vivid within the collective memory. It signals a relation to the world which, like a gesture one has felt or remembered, can become a way of working, a form, a tool of cinematographic writing. Later, these excerpts will fully participate in the collective construction of the Addoc Web. Like so many particles of a constellation which recount the dispersal of documentary creation today, the breaking up of the world's film landscape and at the same time the force drawing these particles together.

Founded in 1992, Addoc — the association of documentary filmmakers — works to defend creative documentary, to support the viewing of creative documentaries. It attempts to promote contemporary thinking about documentary film by encouraging reflection and exchange based on our practices.

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